The island type keyboard is spacious with a nice amount of space given to the shiny aluminium palm rest with a brushed metal finish. Its multi-touch screen from CMN exhibited a higher, though not outstanding, color space coverage. The content also looks a bit pale in general. Left-handed users will not find the situation ideal for use since the fan and the ports at the front are on the left. ASUS provides a nice carry bag along in an attempt to take care of this issue. Looking for more guides?

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It features a Panasonic UJ8C2 9. A hybrid storage solution, i.

Review Asus VivoBook SCM-CJH Ultrabook – Reviews

The asus s550cm was still stuck s550ck. The island type keyboard is spacious with a nice amount of space given to the shiny aluminium palm rest with a brushed metal finish.

This laptop asus s550cm easily play Battlefield 3 with details set to Medium and the gameplay appears smooth at its default x display resolution.

The slim design is easy to carry while awus premium chic and feel. However, asus s550cm quite liked the robust chassis of the SCM because of the very tightly pulled hinges and the display’s increased stability. To remove the DVD drive, you only need asus s550cm remove the single screw near the back side of the case.

Very enlightening post, I really appreciate, if I may. We suspect that the Optimus Technology is probably not kicking in when it should and the integrated graphics is being used asus s550cm often.

Asus VivoBook S550CM Review

Instead of the nifty but in our opinion quite superfluous touchscreen, we would appreciate a matte and above all much higher quality screen. The array of the U and GT M also achieved the expected scores for this hardware combination asus s550cm the newer 3DMark 11, which hint asus s550cm a satisfactory gaming performance for the touch-ultrabook.

Smooth throughout, the responsive asus s550cm means your fingers can slide edge to edge naturally and unhindered. It is again the energy-efficient ULV processor that is partly noticed as the bottleneck in processor-heavy games. Your email address will not be published.

Quality journalism asus s550cm made possible by advertising. We experienced innumerable unintentional inputs in the test because unintentional swiping changes the “classic” Windows view to the “Metro” tile interface.

The lid opens smoothly up to around degrees, exhibiting durability of the hinges that should last long. Thanks to Optimus Technology switchable graphics, user intervention is asus s550cm required to switch between these graphics chipsets, although the user can still manually opt to choose the graphics processor to use. Asus homepage Asus notebook asus s550cm. The audio system, which we also know from Asus’ S56CM, did not really asus s550cm us. Products may not be available in all markets.

Follow us on Facebook for all the latest repair news. Stereo speaker grills are present near the rear on either side.

Metal-styled powerful touch Ultrabook™ with optical drive

Asus s550cm the smartphone sector, Asus is not among the Top 5 and has only a small market share as of It asus s550cm about where you would imagine the DVD drive screw to be. Minor drawbacks are the quickly accumulated and very visible fingerprints.

Full HD display, backlit keyboard, Core i7 processor and more powerful discrete graphics would have completely justified asus s550cm price of this laptop. Finally, we look at s50cm viewing angles of the screen installed in the test device.

We show asus s550cm least amount of ads whenever possible. Thanks so much for the reply! Yes I s550dm asus s550cm to a repairman and he said that a mini m2 is suitable for it. This becomes more evident when watching dark visuals as black colour quickly changes to grey when viewed from a wider angle. The touch-ultrabook reached a very audible noise level of 42 dB in this application scenario, as can be seen in our noise level graph below. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative.

However, this is a general problem asus s550cm touchpads lacking dedicated mouse keys. ASUS asus s550cm developed a range of Instant Functions especially for Windows 8, enabling fuller immersion in the new operating system.